C&K MDM Space
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C&K MDM Space


Micro-D connector ESCC 3401 MIL-DTL-83513


C&K Space Level Connector  Micro-D Connector

C&K’s compact and low-weight Micro-D connectors are part of our high-reliability connector range, chosen by space agencies around the world for high-profile and demanding applications in satellites, launchers, telescopes and other spacecraft.

The Micro-D connectors comply with ESCC specifications and are qualified to ESA. 

The low-size, lightweight connectors are resistant to moisture and humidity and exhibit no degassing, magnetism or defects in harsh environments.

The connectors are manufactured with a high-performance Micropin contact system and are available in a number of different options, including cables terminations, or with removable crimp-type contacts so that customers can make their own harnesses configurations.

A wide range of accessories are available for these connectors, including savers backshells, screwlocks, interfacial seals and Tools.